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For All Your Firearm & Emergency Needs


Leatherback Gear

Leatherback Gear™ was invented and designed by two brothers who are law enforcement first responders with real experience building security plans, protecting people and securing locations; preventing active shooter and terrorist-related incidents; and most importantly responding to an active shooting and putting the threat down before lives were lost. We create products and technologies designed for safety and protection at the forefront of everything we do.


Highly functional backpacks designed for protection, comfort and utility. 

  • Transforms into a bulletproof vest
  • Two bulletproof panel inserts
  • Front & back protection

Converts Into A Bulletproof Vest Within Seconds
Simply pull on the red zipper to separate the backpack into two parts, offering front and back protection.

Front & Back Protection
When worn as a vest, you’ll have one bulletproof panel protecting your front, and one bulletproof panel protecting your back.  Our bulletproof panels have NIJ rated level IIIA protection, which is the same level of protection trusted by law enforcement in the U.S.A. and most of the world.

Two Bulletproof Panel Inserts
Two bulletproof panels are hidden inside of the backpack, so you can move around protected without anyone noticing.

Designed To Protect You Against

  • Handgun rounds up to a .44 magnum
  • 9mm submachine gun rounds
  • 12 gauge shotgun slugs